She is currently an associate in the family law department at Black & Graham, P.C. in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but Mariah Dylla Gardiner has shown herself to be a tireless advocate for her clients for quite some time. She has lots of trial experience and she seems to thrive when confronted with the most challenging cases possible. She uses her skills to bring the most diligence to every case, and her ability to analyze every aspect of every case brings the best results possible for her clients.

Mariah Dylla‚Äôs ability to apply a creative approach to every case means she can deal with any situation. Her extensive family law experience means Mariah understands just how complex and emotionally difficult domestic law matters can become. That is why she will always apply the skills she’s gained over the years to the family law matters she faces. She will always want the best results for her clients.

When Mariah Dylla Gardiner was still in high school, she published an article for the prestigious Concord Review. However, that was only the beginning. Now fluent in French, she earned an undergraduate degree in French from Portland State University, cum laude. She eventually earned her law degree from the University of Utah, but before that, Mariah curated an oral history museum exhibit that told the story of underground uranium miners in northwest New Mexico. She interviewed miners and used their own words to tell the story in the context of the Cold War, when the government and contractors concealed hazards and delayed the implementation of safety regulations until the U.S. nuclear arsenal was complete.